20 Easy Action Items to Improve Your SEO Strategy

Hoping to get more traffic from Google? Here are some techniques to help you improve your SEO Strategy:

  1. Update, upgrade and republish old blogs
  2. Create content for every stage of the buyer’s journey
  3. Link out to authority sites
  4. Hire an agency with SEO knowledge
  5. Put your brand name last in the title tag
  6. Make the most of meta descriptions
  7. Map content to buyer personas
  8. Add image descriptions
  9. Write mini-summaries for videos and infographics
  10. Stay within the recommended length for page titles and meta description
  11. Think about branded search and how you want to manage your presence
  12. Check the ratio of indexed pages in search engines with your XML sitemap
  13. Trust your SEO experts


giphy 1

  1. Search Wikipedia for keyword and topic ideas
  2. Encourage more pages per session on your site using internal links
  3. Consult Google Search Console for ideas for more targeted traffic
  4. Use schema markup
  5. Don’t keyword stuff – pick 1 to 2 keywords to focus on per post/page
  6. Add rel=canonical tags to fix site wide duplication issues
  7. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint – be patient



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