5 Tips For Creating An About Page That Works

Starting a website project can be exciting. It’s easy to get lost in all the possible bells and whistles and distracted from what really matters – the content. Often it’s the About Us page that gets neglected or is the most awkward to write. Which is unfortunate, because analytics reveals this page in one of the most frequented on websites.

Which is why we have outlined 5 tips for creating an about page that works.

However, with this in mind, it’s also an opportunity for you to really shine!

1.Talk About The Solutions For Your Audience – Not About You

People want to be understood. They want to feel confident that the solution they are considering is going to work.

From the very top of the page talk about your audience’s challenges and goals. Reaffirm the reason they landed on your site in the first place, reassure them you have their needs in mind. They will begin to see you as an expert and know you can be trusted.

Talking about your product offerings can walk a fine line between being informative and bragging. To avoid the latter, state the facts. You can even back these up with some helpful case studies or infographics.

Here is a great example, for San Antonio Startup Week. It tells you what you can expect, who is a part of the team putting on the event and answers FAQs.

2. Let Your Customers Do The Talking

Whether you’re looking for a new doctor or a new hairdresser you are more likely to believe what other people are saying about that person rather than what that person is saying about themselves. The same principles apply to your product.

Try and include customers full names and any other details that offer their opinion more credibility. If your customers are okay with it, add a photo as well, this helps build trust with your brand.

If your company or product has earned any customer-focused awards or accreditations you can include them in this section too.

3. Tell A Story

Even if your brand doesn’t have an interesting story, you can still tell a story.

This is where you can explore your roots. Talk about the founders, or maybe your office has a rich history that is personal to the brand. Focus on the things that make you human. The more people can identify with you the more trust they’ll place in your brand.

The flip side to this coin is you don’t have to tell people everything. If you have an established brand you don’t need to take users through your 65 year history, year by year. Just focus on the highlights.

Ultimately, this is what sets you apart from your competitors so remember it’s not about what you do it’s about who you are.

4. Use A Variety Of Media

Make your about page a smorgasbord of media. You can include photos, videos, timelines and infographics. Remember not all users gravitate towards the same type of content, so provide different ways to make an impression.

When using photos and video, try and stay away from stock photos. This is a page about you so show people who you are. Just remember when incorporating all this cool media, it should be the same look and feel as the rest of your site.

5. Be Authentic!

Today people are more informed and subsequently more intuitive than ever. Be genuine. Ditch the business jargon and let your brand’s voice and personality shine through.

Our final thoughts on the subject

Your About page shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an asset. With great content and human centered design, your page make the difference between a visitor and a customer.

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