Instagram For Your Business 101

What’s the story with Instagram

Instagram is one of the reigning favorites of the social world. In fact, it’s estimated 77.6 million Instagram users are in the U.S. Brands in particular love Instagram because engagement is higher there than on other social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Are you using Instagram to connect with your potential audience? If you haven’t made the commitment just yet, consider these stats:

instagram stats

Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

You may find yourself wondering if this platform will make the most business dollars and sense for you. Before you make the decision, think about the big picture (no pun intended). What are your goals and objectives for being on the platform and do you have the manpower and time to ensure your content helps to accomplish those goals.

If your answer is yes, let’s dig a little deeper to make sure this is the right platform for you.

Are your customers on Instagram? This is where it helps to have user personas or snapshots of your ideal buyers. This helps you understand your customers and potential customers better. This lets you tailor your creative, your copy and your marketing strategy.

Not sure yet about your personas? Take a look at some of these stats to help you make a decision?

  • Instagram is used by 39% of American women, and 30% of American men
  • 59% of American Instagram users are under the age of 30
  • 72% of teens use Instagram, every day
  • 72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram

Another important question to ask yourself is “are your competitors on Instagram?” If your competition is killing it on Instagram then you can too! Especially if your product allows for visually compelling content. If you are a B2B this doesn’t automatically disqualify you, you just have to be a little more strategic and creative with your content, which we cover later.

Most importantly, are you mobile friendly? Since Instagram is accessed primarily through mobile devices, businesses need to ensure their website or landing pages where they are routing users are mobile optimized.

Instagram Best Practices

Now that you have decided Instagram is the place for your business, here are a few best practices to help guide your posts.

Remember that people are on social media to be entertained, educated and see what’s happening with their friends – NOT to be sold to. While Instagram is a great platform for beautiful pictures, bring more value to your audience by providing information or entertainment in a way that is native to the platform.

Be consistent and cohesive. Remember to think about your objectives, what brought you there in the first place and plan your content with that end goal in mind, whether it’s brand awareness, sales, customer delight, etc.

Be authentic and native to the platform. While it sounds counterintuitive content that blends more seamlessly into the feed of your followers is more likely to be impactful and generate brand affinity. A good rule of thumb is post on the platform like you would as an individual rather than a brand, that way you are not intruding into anyone’s space.

Now that you have decided Instagram is the place for you and equipped yourself with some basic guidelines – get to posting!


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