Keep Working While You Work From Home

So you have some down time at your home office, you have binge watched TV during work hours (when you said you wouldn’t) and you’re looking to ease back into working and wrap up the last couple hours of the day.

Sounds like a perfect time to work on your content strategy plan, boost your SEO and write about what you know! We have compiled some blog ideas to get the wheels turning based on your industry. Take a look and then get back to work!


  • Indoor workouts how to – working out at home when you don’t have a fitness room
  • Rate your favorite workout supplies or fitness brands
  • Provide virtual workouts, general or targeted to specific body parts
  • What are macronutrients and how much does a person need???
  • Any supplements or products you’ve used you want to recommend or do we really need supplements?
  • Give a shout out to other health experts you read or follow and tell your readers why they should follow them too
  • Debunk diet myths
  • Which diet cheat is the lesser of two evils: low carb beers or hard liquor? (If you write this one please send us the link ? )
  • Curate and share an exercise playlist

Finance and Mortgage

  • How to make the most of historically low interest rates
  • Review the Top 10 Best Personal Finance Books for 2020
  • All about debt consolidation options (credit cards, student loans) to better position yourself for bigger purchases (like a home or car)
  • Big ways to save money and what to expect when you start the process – auto insurance discounts, refinancing your home, etc
  • Review apps that help you make and stick to a budget
  • Tips on budgeting for a new home
  • What is a Prepaid Card? Pros and cons of prepaid debit cards
  • How to avoid overdraft fees
  • Rate finance podcasts and make suggestions on which ones your readers should be listening to


  • Pick a decade and dissect the fashion trends
  • Go back in the archives for interviews with style trendsetters, afterall leadership and confidence are always in fashion
  • Pick a few basics most people have in their closet and provide outfit inspiration
  • 10 pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe
  • Share what’s in your closet
  • Pick some movie characters or style icons and rave about what they mean to you and how they changed the game
  • Give your readers tips on how to find their signature style
  • Shopping on a budget (where to, how to repurpose an item, etc)
  • Compile your own top 10 lists of movies or shows that inspired fashion trends and where to stream them (obviously Sex & The City should be on this list).

Restaurant & Hospitality

  • Soup recipes for when you’re sick
  • Meals you can make from staples (in case of quarantine)
  • Tips for hotel and vacation rental stay during or post-COVID
  • Review touchless tech and how they are helping restaurants and hotels prepare for a post-COVID guest experience
  • How to plan a successful zoom happy hour
  • Suggest game nights or ideas for things to do, i.e puzzles, lego sets, relaxation and virtual tours
  • Foods and beverages to soothe a sore throat
  • Suggest wine or beer pairings for easy to make at home meals
  • How to plate like a pro
  • How to debone a chicken the right way
  • Can kale actually taste good?
  • Pay homage to your favorite chefs
  • They are a million chef/foodie programs to stream, tell your readers which are worth their time and why

Your Brand

  • Your brand’s origin story – remember the reason you got into this in the first place
  • Host ask me anything sessions and live stream them – ideally these questions would be about your industry
  • Showcase employees and their jobs
  • Share what you are doing to take care of your employees
  • Challenges you have faced as a small business and how you overcame them


Hopefully these ideas got the creative juices flowing and now you’re ready to write!


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