Advanced Smile Care

Experience Redesign & Digital Marketing

What we did
  • Digital Design
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Media Buy

Advanced Smile Care approached us wanting to replace traditional marketing with digital marketing. They wanted to use this opportunity to re-establish their brand as customer focused, highly qualified and offering unique services in the dental industry.


We used Facebook’s data algorithms to target families and young people in the area. Employing a robust keyword strategy we geo-targeted our Google Ads campaign focusing on services and procedures offered by ASC. For each of these platforms we activated re-marketing campaigns for users who did not initially convert.
To aid our digital marketing lead generation efforts, we designed and developed dedicated landing pages for each campaign.
We redesigned their entire website to elevate their online presence with a modern design that is mobile friendly and heavily search engine optimized.


200 leads per month.

Herospace smoothly transitioned ASC from traditional marketing to digital marketing. We helped cut their marketing costs while increasing new patients by roughly 40% each month.

The brand now shows as #1 on Google search results for several strategic keywords, such as “sedation dentistry”


We operate across cultures and time zones to deliver first-class digital solutions to our partners