Carrington Smyth

Logo Design

What we did
  • Color System
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Style

Carrington Smyth, PLLC was in need of a more classic and refined logo that also matched their sister company ( Their request was to incorporate the Smyth family crest (a peacock).


Seamlessly bring together elements from the Uncontested brand to the new logo design, making a conscious decision to establish Carrington Smyth PLLC as a separate business line within a family of offerings.

Update the Smyth family crest to a more modern symbol representing guidance, leadership and confidence.


The logotype and treatment are reminiscent of the Uncontested brand and help establish a relationship between them.

The design was treated with a slight variation by establishing the logo as an emblem. The look and feel is regal and brings to mind a feeling of nobility, aristocracy and times when family crests were used as a trademark or a custom stamp.

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