Foundation Housing

Logo Redesign, Website Design & Development

What we did
  • Logo Redesign
  • Branding Guideline
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Wordpress Integration

Foundation Housing (headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating solutions to address the affordable housing crisis nationwide through preserving America’s existing, assisted rental housing stock through capital solutions. The company was in need of rebranding and a website redesign. Through logo design we showed the Foundation provides homes and communities where families can feel safe, thrive and grow. For the redesigned website, Foundation Housing invested in imagery and video of their communities.


We approached the logo with a modern and simple take, playing with negative space. We are presenting the “F” as an open door signifying that the company is always there for every community they serve.

We deviated from the previous blue cool, brisk hues to a more subdued and calming shade.

We chose classic typography treatments that can withstand the test of time and trends, like a solid foundation.

A significant change to the information architecture was breaking up the content on what was the core knowledge page and created several service pages from it – four to be exact: lending, asset management, investment management and preservation. This provided a more clear conversion funnel for audiences. We also created a more robust portfolio page with detail pages to highlight some of the work being done.


Foundation Housing has a logo that conveys their mission of transforming neighborhoods, transforming homes and transforming lives.

The website is more user friendly with more clearly defined funnels for various audiences.

We operate across cultures and time zones to deliver first-class digital solutions to our partners