JoyRide Cycle Studio

Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

What we did
  • Digital Design
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media Buy

Joyride, a boutique spin and group fitness gym in a suburban shopping center, wanted to generate more sign-ups for new riders.


Herospace made several pivots early on to find the messaging and offer that guaranteed the best ROI. We decided brand awareness would be most impactful as audiences in the geographic area were not enticed with monetary offers.

Using Facebook, we created our different target audiences based on current customer behaviors, attitudinal data, perceived intention and geographic location. We also ran re-marketing campaigns to users who did not initially convert. Based on the data, our creative campaigns were focused on “theme rides” and offering the user a free class for their birthday.

Using Google Adwords, we targeted the audience by zip code and a robust keyword strategy.

All audiences were directed to a custom landing page to learn more details and input their contact information. Herospace designed and developed landing page/s to showcase the general benefits of spin class and the unique offerings of JoyRide.


125 leads in 100 days.

On Facebook, the average cost per click for the Herospace campaign was $0.84, well below the industry average for other health and fitness campaigns at the time which was $1.90.

On Google AdWords, the ratio of users who clicked on our specific ads compared to the number of total users who viewed the ad (CTR) was 3.43%, above the industry average at the time: 3.27%. The average cost per click was for the Herospace campaign was $1.47, well below the industry average at the time which was $2.62.


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