Robust online divorce system

What we did
  • Website Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom Development
  • Wordpress Integration

Uncontested is committed to simplifying the divorce process through its online platform. Our goal is to provide an efficient alternative to traditional legal procedures, thereby reducing both the complexity and associated costs for users.


After a thorough review of the paperwork, we’ve designed a user-friendly online approach. Our aim is to make the process straightforward and efficient, allowing users to navigate the requirements with both ease and confidence.


After meticulous planning and development, we’ve crafted a dynamic custom system tailored to our client’s needs. This platform enables them to seamlessly draft an entire divorce decree through an intuitive user interface. Recognizing the complexity and intricacies of divorce procedures, our system boasts flexibility, ensuring it can adapt and accommodate the myriad of variables that divorces often present. This dedication to detail and user experience ensures that clients can approach this significant legal process with confidence and clarity.

We operate across cultures and time zones to deliver first-class digital solutions to our partners