Vote Yes For Transit

Branding, Website Design & Development

What we did
  • Branding
  • Website Redesign
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Wordpress Integration
  • Enhanced Experience through Animations

In Fall of 2020, San Antonians will go to the polls. On the ballot is a local initiative, PROP A: a measure to re-allocate an existing sales tax to maintain and improve VIA public transit service. The team behind the effort realized voters needed a website where they could learn about the initiative and what it would mean for them and their city. Vote Yes for Transit needed a place where donations could be collected, citizens could share their endorsement and VIA and the team behind the initiative could support civic engagement. The initiative needed a digital presence that increased its credibility in the community.


With so many important decisions to make at the polls, we wanted to make the website as easy as possible to navigate and present the information in a way that was easy to digest. The navigation is straightforward and is inspired by the principle of the five Ws:

What is the Plan? Who Is Behind It? Why Is it Important? And How Can I Help?

Herospace created a page dedicated to highlighting community members behind the initiative to give the effort more local clout and validity.

There is a page dedicated to answering users questions about how they can help, with easy to download letters of support, social posts and links to check their voter registration status.


Herospace designed and developed a website that clearly conveys the details of the plan and encourages users to engage with the site. Since launch, the average session duration is over 4 minutes with an above average bounce rate. The pages per session metric is approaching 4 (there are 5 pages on the site).

The initiative passed with 68% of the vote.

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